James Halloran

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Paintings and Drawings

When I begin a painting, I’m usually drawn to basic, simple forms; eggs, paper, trees, buildings. I look to paint objects and landscapes that are non-specific and have a quality of anonymity to them. Elements are often reduced to the most essential and details are sometimes eliminated. My paintings are not literal recordings of nature or the world around me; these works are private meditations on a specific moment. Deliberate and sometimes obsessive, these paintings often carry on and exist within a series, building on and reinterpreting what was before. I try to create pieces that are expressive and reluctant, silent yet certain, and in between I often find tension to be further explored.

Artomatic 2012

I will be exhibiting two major works (not yet seen by the public) along with preliminary drawings and oil sketches at Artomatic 2012.

8th Floor, Space 316, in the SW Corner. I'll be attending Artomatic on Saturday, May 19th for most of the evening as well as June 2nd from 7:00-9:00 pm for Meet the Artist night. Please stop by and say hello.