Christiann MacAuley

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Comics and Cartoon Art
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I'm from the DC area (Northern VA) and often show my work at comic conventions and small press shows. After attending Artomatic several times, I'm looking forward to my first year showing my work here. My comics and cartoon art is generally intended to be simple, cute, and funny. I hope you can come by and check it out. See you soon!

Artomatic 2012

Selected comic strips by Christiann MacAuley. Limited edition prints available for purchase.

4th floor, section 6, room 280, in the same room as Dream Job. Directions from the 4th floor elevators: 1) Walk through the hallway past the women's bathroom, 2) take the first left, 3) my space is through a door across this room and has a bright blue wall. I will be at Artomatic opening night and several times throughout the month.