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I am interested in ideas and how they are constructed and function within the social structure in which they are created. Focusing on objects as symbols for ideas, my work seeks to uncover collective constructs as the by-product of social, political and economic exchanges, choices, and contexts. By deconstructing, reassembling, and recontextualizing these symbols into new objects/imagery, my work attempts to simultaneously question the validity of the social constructions, while acknowledging their importance and power in society.
In practice, I frequently use found objects, blown glass, and industrial materials to create symbolic imagery. My choice of materials, the method of construction, and the mode of representation are determined by the larger idea and the inherent cultural connotation that the material provide. I employ duplication, repetition, multiples and an emphasis on material to evoke the feeling of factory or mass produced objects. Inspired by and parodying scientific devices, industrial machinery, and children’s toys; my imagery is a mixture of the metaphoric, absurd, ironic, and dystopic.

Artomatic 2012

Title: Monophonic Delivery (Minions II)
Medium: Found objects, steel, glass, and the prattle of talk radio
Dimensions: 108” x 42” x 42”
Year: 2012

On Monophonic Delivery (Minions II):

Monophonic [mon-uh-fon-ik]
1.Using only one channel between source and loudspeaker. Also: monaural , Sometimes shortened to: mono (of a system of broadcasting, recording, or reproducing sound)
2.¬Of or relating to a style of musical composition consisting of a single melodic line

Minion [min-yuhn]
1.a servile follower or subordinate of a person in power.

Monophonic is a system where all the audio signals are mixed together and directed through a single channel. Mono systems can have multiple outputs, and even multiple widely separated outputs, but all listeners hear the very same signal. In “properly” designed systems, all listeners would hear the system at essentially the same sound level. In music, monophony is a texture comprising a single line of musical tones (i.e. a single melody, or intonation, or cantillation). It makes no difference whether there is one singer, or several, or many singers - so long as they all sing the same notes together, it is monophony.

The piece displayed is a metaphor for the monophonic drone of talk radio and the tools used to manufacture a seemingly diverse set of outputs that repeat all the same conversations.

8th Floor....Northwest Corner...in a room off of a room...follow the radio....