Michael Auger

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Blacklight Reactive Offbeat Artwork by Michael 'Arty4ever' Auger


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Bovine Abduction 2

Michael Auger (last name pronounced: O-'zhA / rhymes with okay) is a full-time freelance artist based in the Washington DC area. His offbeat paintings feature an assortment of whimsical characters. Many of his pieces even react to blacklight. Michael is inspired by the "supernatural and unusual that hide behind the veil of reality" and believes that "the world is better off with a bit more silliness and magic". Michael also works as a graphic designer, illustrator and animator.

Find Michael Auger on the top floor of Artomatic in room #11-141

Artomatic 2012

Find Michael Auger's artwork on the top floor of Artomatic in room #11-141 Meet Michael at the Artomatic Marketplace on June 23rd from 12noon till 6pm.