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TOM NOLL * Art In & The Art of Landscape Design * The Transformative Zen Power of Garden Design

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Interconnected Power - "The Recycler of Nature"

TOM NOLL: is a prolific man, being all at once a whimsical artist, sculptor, landscape designer, avid nature lover, and advocate for all things recyclable and eco-friendly. When he combines his sculptures and garden designs he believes in: “Art In & The Art of Landscape Design, Creates a Transformative Zen Power to be Enjoyed Forever.”

He applies his recycling ideas to his 3-dimensional Environmental Sculptures; may they be his rebar (steel reinforced metal) and sandstone sculptures or his colorful wood/metal/stone Totems known as “Tom’s Tinker Toys”. He uses salvaged industrial resources and “nature found materials” and likes how these textured, rough and raw metals “envelops, protects and displays the stone or would – in general- nature”.

The sculptures offer rich possibilities for combinations, interesting balances, fluid lines, unique shapes, and most importantly they are “Art with a Purpose”. You can enjoy the rebar in its natural color, state or painted in rainbow colors. He adds interesting “found” pieces of wood, metal, crystal or other materials to them also. You can also reposition, restack, move or swing the pieces of these sculptures around into the shapes or looks that inspire and move you. Like Jewelry for the Garden * Accesories you leave at Home and they welcome you back!

He feels that when he heats and bends the rebar, they have their own set of tactile and visual properties. The texture of the rebar, originally meant to help anchor it in concrete for building purposes, now becomes almost organic and plant-like when it is twisted and wrapped around itself or other nature found items. It loses its construction material quality and becomes more fluid and unique to fit our aesthetic tastes and imagination.

He is also a first-time children’s illustrated book writer, who now lives in the Bloomingdale neighborhood in Washington, DC were he has created whimsy at the a Park and several homes and businesses.
He made a name for himself in the Manassas, Virginia area as the imaginative “White Bicycle Fence Man” for his home’s creative 30- white bicycle fence, which he decorated appropriately for major holidays or seasons. For over 15 years his “White Bicycle Fence”, his Zen-like Gardens and Sculptures were a local tourist attraction and inspiration for his first children’s book in his “Recycling Creatively with LT”- Series – “The Bicycle Fence” to make its debut in the fall.

Artomatic 2012

" A Whimsical * Zen Sculpture Garden for The Joy of Living "

As environmental sculpture artist, I believe in visually recycling nature and that:
“Art In & The Art of Landscape Design, Creates a Transformative Zen Power in Garden Design and Living to be Enjoyed Forever.”

My mottos are: “Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Reinvent, Rebuild, Replenish and Recycle Nature – hence - Save the Planet” and “Let’s make Recyclable Art in Honor of Mother Earth!”

It has been said: “Mr. Noll’s environmental sculptures, are all at once powerful, graceful, inspirational and whimsical – as if the metals where playing with nature”. “Best thing about a Noll sculpture is that it is interactive art and fun to change the looks.” “It is like jewelry for the garden – accessories you leave at home.” This is my artistic inspiration and vision.

I did start by wanting to be a recycle- jewelry designer, but soon found out that with my big thick thumbs that was not going to work well, so I changed my plans to decorative "movable" sculptures that I have no problem handling and that can be displayed in gardens, inside homes, office buildings, art centers or museums.

My interactive sculptures will bloom all year round, even in the dead of winter. They don’t have to stay the same; they can change with your mood. They will bring smiles, color and joy to your life…and even get some exercise playing with them.

If interested in seeing portfolio, purchasing a sculpture or a commission for a specific space please contact :
Tom Noll
23 T Street NW - WDC 20001

Entrance Lobby Window & 8th Floor - Suite # 801 Will be around on Wednesdays from noon to 5pm, Friday 5/18 & 25 (7 - 10pm) or by appointment. Thank you for stopping by and sharing my whimsical & strong visual sculptures.